Refer your friend and earn ₹20,000*


How it works

You share details

Use the form to fill in details about friends looking to do their home interiors

You earn

Get ₹2,500* when your

friend walks into a Livspace Experience Centre

You earn more

Get another ₹7,500* when your friend makes a booking with Livspace

You earn big

Get the remaining ₹10,000* when your friend finalises the order with Livspace


Some referral stars

Amidst many earning a total of ₹20,00,000

in referrals every month


1. What is the Livspace referral program and how does it work?

Share the joy with your friends and family. Refer them to us and earn ₹20,000 for each successful referral. If you are a former or current Livspace customer with a valid Project ID, simply fill out our form with your & your friend's details (name, phone number, and email ID) and that’s it! The money then comes to you in 3 stages.

  • You get ₹2,500 when your friend visits our Experience Centre for the first time, and their project qualifies.
  • You get another ₹7,500 when they make the booking.
  • And the final ₹10,000 reaches you when they finalise the order with Livspace.

2. How will I be eligible for the referral program?

All current or former Livspace customers with a valid Project ID automatically qualify for the referral program. And, at the risk of stating the obvious, friends you refer must get their home interiors done by Livspace. The minimum project value of your friend's project should be ₹3 lakh.

3. How many friends can I refer?

In this case, the sky is truly the limit. Refer one, refer all – refer as many friends as you can and maximize your earnings.

4. How will I receive my referral payouts? 

We bank on the banks. All payments are made via bank transfers. Once your friend visits the Experience Centre, our team will contact you for bank details.

5. When will I receive my referral payouts? 

Referral amounts will be processed between the 15th and 20th of each month. If your friend reaches a milestone between the 1st and 14th, the payout will be processed in the same month. For milestones between the 15th and 30th, the cash hits your bank account the following month.

6. What can I do if I haven't received my referral payouts? 

We get it. Nobody likes not getting what’s truly theirs. In the rare case where you haven't received your referral amount despite eligibility and a successful referral, contact us at 1800-309-0930 or